News update

Firstly: Thank you for all the emails and calls. We really appreciate your input and support.

Here’s your weekly NEWS update.

Bookshop News: The Chapter Catcher Issue 1 is now on sale in Bookshops across the UK from Ely to Bristol from Southampton to Lincolnshire from Flintshire to London (full list live now!). Do remember to pop into your local bookshop and see if they’d like to order you a copy or two.
You could even ask them to drop us a line at

Library News: More and more Libraries are eager to take copies, so why not ask in your local Library. We believe we can all support our Bookshops practically by helping them pay their bills by going in and buying books (and of course your Chapter Catcher) and if you want to save your local library find if there’s a local campaign and join it.

Bee News: Our new Chapter Catcher Bee pins are now available in the shop. Wear your Bee with pride!

Finally, talks are well under way regarding the Junior Chapter Catcher magazine (more information coming in Issue 2). Chapter Catcher Team members will be popping up around the UK, providing literature to prisons, holding reading events and visiting a few literary festivals. Please follow us on our Social Media to keep right up to date with what’s happening at Chapter Catcher. Here, we’ll be covering the very latest in literary news and events.

Team Chapter Catcher