Our Reading Revolution

Hello and welcome to The Chapter Catcher.

John Bird’s Chapter Catcher is a quarterly magazine on all things literary. From the duo that brought you the Big Issue, John, Lord Bird, and publisher Phil Ryan, the Chapter Catcher is bigger than just books…

The Chapter Catcher Mission

  • Supporting local bookshops through sales and greater footfall and awareness.
  • Supporting local libraries (partnering with Save Our Libraries campaign groups across the UK)
  • Creating partnerships with existing campaign groups to raise the standard of literacy across the UK.
  • Promoting a greater variety of literature from around the world, expanding upon the canon and broadening literary horizons.
  • Providing a platform to aspiring writers.
  • Visualising storytelling and bringing books to life.

The Chapter Catcher is available at your local bookshops and libraries, as well as local community groups and charities. You can also purchase and subscribe here.

We’ve already got great writing in many forms, but we want to hear from you. Contact us about things you’d like to see, and send your own work in for our Editor. Join our reading revolution. Become a Chapter Catcher.